Saturday, April 3, 2010

relationships and emotions

so here's the thing, when you decide to love someone, you have to love all them. sometimes thats harder than it sounds. Case in point; marriage. Sometimes a persons spouse does things that can crush you emotionally. what do you do then? my emotions tell me to do what my flesh says, but my faith says to do what my Lord says. Jesus said to forgive and keep on forgiving. does that mean I forget, or keep trusting someone? NO! but i have to give my loved ones a chance to redeem themselves, and that takes faith! it would be so easy to just hold the grudge, but God has called us as Christians to a higher mode of operation, to forgive and to give opportunity for change, to redeem themselves, and to redeem their soul. Whoever thought being a christian was easy was smoking crack... being a Christian takes more determination and thought, than  just doing what I want.