Monday, July 19, 2010

Super heated for a purpose

well, i am sure that most everyone will know the story of how silver is refined, so im gonna break it down real quick like. To purify silver and make it 100% pure, silver has to be super heated and every impurity burned out. Well, welcome to the silver life of Jackelyn..... God has got the culdron of my life super heated so hot i think i might burn up with the dross!!! Jesus, Kill my flesh, and leave nothing but you behind.... and in that process of refining and burning, would you help me not to jump out of the culdron! You know the thing about life is that no matter how painful it feels, God is working and doing something... even when we cant see it. I just wish i were more willing.... I struggle with my flesh to make it lay there and DIE it keeps trying to hop off the altar and that just wont do, seeing as i am called to follow Jesus' example. Right now i feel like trading lives with anyone but i know that I would still be fighting the changes of something, so no matter how painful my life is, Lord, refine me!!!!!!! I am believing that when all the dross is burned away from my life, when every attitude has been changed and every impurity in my heart is dealt with, that I will resemble Christ more than i do now.... in the mean time, my aunt made an excellent statement... "your tradgeties can define you or destroy you... you're the one who makes the choice" Lord, i want my tradgeties to redefine me, to bring definition to my character, so super heat me and bring out every impurity that needs dealt with at this time. Amen!!!!