Monday, December 6, 2010

Classic Jesus Moves....

Lying here in bed thinking about my past brought to mind the story of the woman who the pharisees and saduccees busted whoring with a married man.... now we know that they wanted to stone the harlot, but it seems like the guy got off scott free, even though he was essentially a man whore... so here is what im thinking.... Jesus responded by telling the religious leaders that the one who was with out sin should throw the first stone..... none of them could cause they were all guilty. If we were to relate this to today, one thing that comes to mind is the different way that Christians treat homosexuals and heterosexuals in unbiblical relationships.... (aka, pre marital sex) It seems like the church will make excuses at times for the heterosexual couple who isnt married, maybe not even living together, but are still having sex. These relationships are a lot like the man whore who got away in the bible... but then the church looks at homosexuals, and instead of reaching out to them in love, as Jesus reached for the harlot; instead of bringing them into a safe place and defending them as people, we cry out for our politicians to make "gay marriage" illegal, or to keep it from ever becoming legal. My question to the church is "REALLY?!?" that kind of beligerence and lack of Christ type love and respect will turn unbelievers away everytime... im not saying we have to agree, but GOD gave men free will to choose, and who are we to try to take that choice away, unless we are willing to give up our equal and opposite rights... If Jesus had wanted, he could have thrown the first stone.... he was the only one with out sin.... we spend so much time casting stones, that we miss the opportunity to look a lost soul in the eyes and say "i got your back!  Now, GO! And sin no more!" I think the church could win more souls by loving than political agendas, that love can cast out fear and break sins hold on many, if only we would drop the stones and pick up our brothers and sisters hearts, and learn how to love again.... Im just saying.

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